VoIP Phone Systems for Business

Cutting Costs, Increasing Flexibility with VoIP!

IP Solutions Technologies is your ideal VoIP partner; we bring deep experience in both data networking and conventional telephony to the table. We understand the need for extreme reliability for an organization's communication systems, and we also understand network electronics and infrastructure.

To augment our own VoIP experience, we have partnered with Panasonic to offer fully integrated voice over IP solutions nationwide!

What is VoIP?

VoIP is the acronym for Voice Over IP Protocol. In more familiar terms, VoIP phone systems are a phone system over the internet.

Reduce Communications Costs

VoIP solutions from IP Solutions offer multiple ways to cut your costs by combining your voice and data on a single network; you can eliminate infrastructure as well as cut out long-distance charges and recurring fees for dedicated lines.

Improve Communications

Wouldn't it be great to have everyone in your organization be reachable as an extension on your phone system even if they are located in another city using cell their cell phones?

VoIP makes this, and much more, possible.

How do I know if VoIP is a Solution for my Business?

  • Does your Business have high telephone usage costs?
  • Are you trying to avoid high phone switch (PBX) maintenance costs?
  • Does your Business have 15 to 200 employees needing telephones?
  • Does your Business have a high "tele-density" - a lot of phone usage?
  • Do your employees have a high degree of mobility?
  • Are you considering a new phone switch (PBX) system?

If the answers to several of these questions is "Yes," then VoIP may be the right solution for your Business.

Affordable IT Solutions

As companies look for ways to cut costs, while maintaining the quality of their products and services, the one constant is that technology, more than ever, helps you run your business.

Our clients look to us for the tools they need to operate their business. In this day of rapidly evolving communication technologies, even a basic phone system can seem a dauntingly complex technological system.
Justifying headcount to manage your IT functions is difficult. At IP Solutions we have developed tailor-made solutions to provide your business with quality managed IT support to protect your investment and at the same time provide you with emergency service when it’s needed.
  • Minimal Downtime (Stable IT Environment)
  • Timely and Cost-Effective emergency service
  • Strong Back-up and Recovery processes
  • Timely upgrades and enhancements (Productivity and Competitive Edge)
  • Data Security: Virus Protection, etc.
Whether you need PC support, an entirely new communications system for multiple offices, or Hosted Microsoft exchange solutions, you can count on IP Solutions to find an answer for your particular need and help you keep costs down.
  • Fixed monthly fee (budgeting purposes)
  • Fixed number of hours every month (based on your needs)
  • Document system and network (as time allows)
  • Examine error logs and resolve related issues
  • Develop Operations/Procedures manual tailored to your business
  • Research and recommend upgrades and enhancements based on your business
  • Develop/maintain back-up and recovery system
  • Track and resolve intermittent problems
  • Repair system/PC problems
  • Emergency service at reduced rates (above allotted hours)
  • Projects at reduced rates (extended time for upgrades, etc.)

IP Solutions Helpdesk & Support

When PC’s turn blue, network go down and phones calls get dropped, even the most seasoned employee is prone to panic.

At IP Solutions we know that when things go awry the last thing you want to hear is that you’ll have to wait your turn for technical support.

Out professional technicians go out of their way to get out clients back up and running. A phone call to a remote session or an office visit, we do what it takes to get them back up and running as quickly as possible.

We Sell, Install, Service, & Maintain

Our client’s not only look to us for support, they come to us for our knowledge on proven products, our ability to design tailor made systems to fit their needs and budget and to install and provide support to reduce downtime.

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Featured Reviews

At Insight Accounting Group we have nothing but praise for IP Solutions and the job they have done for us. It has been a big relief for me to not have to worry about the day-to-day IT issues we may encounter and it has been great for our team members to get prompt service when they need it. IP’s expertise and knowledge is exactly what we needed to ensure our systems are secure and operating as they should be.

- Robert M.

I’ve been a very satisfied customer of IP Solutions for 18+ yrs. Their quick response when I have a pc issue to the offsite back up have been a god-send. A few years back, I had a power surge that went through my protection and turned off server. As a result, my server was lost and I could not work. IP Solutions was able to get a temp server going within a day and had me up and running like new in a couple more days and no data missing!

- George A M.

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