Network Security


The threats to your businesses network are myriad. Specific threats constantly emerge and older threats evolve to by-pass older protections. Even the smallest businesses face these threats and IP Solutions has the answer.


As your network security go-to, IP solutions will ensure you have up-to-date tools, technologies and systems to provide you with:


    -Virus Protection

    -Intrusion Protection

    -Spam Protection

    -Website Reputation Protection

    -Wireless Encryption

    -Backup Protection (link to off-site imaging)





IP Solutions talks to all its clients about disaster preparedness. We want to understand their plan. Do they even have a plan and, if so, do they understand it? It's important not to leave these matters to chance. What is your business's tolerance of time -- one hour, one day, one week? Your plan will depend on the specifics of your situation.


At IP Solutions, our job is to help you set-up or refine your plan. Then we'll put it in place.  IP Solutions uses the latest technologies to provide the tools and redundancy you need to feel secure. And the only way to completely secure your data is to have off- site backup.



When media failure happens to a hard drive or RAID, off-site imaging must be a central component of your data security plan. Big companies have been using off site data storage for years. Increasingly, it is feasible, and certainly advisable, for small to mid-sized companies to take this pre-caution as well.


A company's individual data security plan must be comprehensive and practical. But a plan is no good if it's not implemented.  IP Solutions has everything you need to provide off-site data backup so you and your client's files will be updated and available regardless of what happens on-site.


We take the whole piece, the whole scenario, image the whole thing. We secure it and, if needed, we'll restore it. Our hosted package is all-inclusive. In this scenario we're:


    -terminalizing your software,

    -we're virtualizing it,

    -we're imaging it, and

    -we're backing it up.


IP Solutions has the answers for your network security needs.


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