Cutting Costs, Increasing Flexibility with VoIP


IP Solutions Technologies is your ideal VoIP partner - we bring deep experience in both data networking and conventional telephony to the table. We understand the need for extreme reliability for an organization's communication systems, and we also understand network electronics and infrastructure. To augment our own VoIP experience, we have partnered with Panasonic to offer fully integrated voice over IP solutions nationwide!


Reducing Communications Costs

VoIP solutions from IP Solutions offer multiple ways to cut your costs - by combining your voice and data on a single network, you can eliminate infrastructure as well as cut long-disance charges and recurring costs for dedicated lines.


Improving Communications

Wouldn't it be great to have everyone in your organization be reachable as an extension on your phone system? Even if they are located in another city? Or even when they are using cell phones? VoIP makes this, and much more, possible.


Qualifying Questions

Does your business have high telephone usage costs?


Are you trying to avoid high phone switch (PBX) maintenance costs?


Does your business have 15 to 200 employees needing telephones?


Does your business have a high "tele-density" - a lot of phone usage?


Do your employees have a high degree of mobility?


Are you considering a new phone switch (PBX) system?


If the answers to several of these questions is "Yes", then VoIP may be a good solution.Contact your IP Solutions Account Executive today for an analysis of your communications needs, and to learn how you can save money and improve your business with VoIP!



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