IP Solutions provides comprehensive Information Technology services with expertise in design, implementation and maintenance of business computer networks.


IP Solutions offers various support options through Managed IT Services. We collaborate with you to align your business goals with your technology needs.


Your technology matters to us. Your technology systems are crucial to both your day-to-day operations and the strategic growth of your business. IP Solutions has the expertise and experience to manage and support the technology behind your day-to-day operations and to help you plan for your future needs.


Through our Managed IT Services solutions, we deliver all of these benefits and more for an affordable monthly fee.

Hosted solutions:


We manage your servers through virtual connection or co-locating. We provide hosted solutions with servers at our offices and at Union station. With multiple hubs, managed services to us are basically all inclusive. We will make sure;


    -it's updated

    -it's backed up

    -the virus signatures are all there

    -Redundancies are built in to protect against data loss


IP Solutions is a Microsoft Certified Partner, and an authorized reseller for Panasonic, Multi Tech Systems, HP, and many other high quality Product lines.

Technology in Today's Business Environment:


For business today, an efficient IT function has the following components:


    -Minimal Downtime (stable IT environment)

    -Timely and Cost-Effective emergency service

    -Strong Back-up and Recovery processes

    -Timely upgrades and enhancements

    -Data Security: Virus Protection, etc.


Depending on your business, the overhead costs required to manage all these functions well (i.e. TCO –total cost of ownership) can be sizable.


IP Solutions has the solution for your company's IT needs. A service contract with IP Solutions can be tailor-made for your business. Here's how we do this:


    1. Fixed monthly fee (helps you budget IT costs)

    2. Fixed monthly service hours (tailored to your needs)

    3. Fixed menu of services customized to your business, such as:

        -Document system and network (as time allows)

        -Examine error logs and resolve related issues

        -Develop Operations/Procedures manual tailored

            to your business

        -Research and recommend upgrades and enhancements based

            on your specific business and industry needs

        -Develop/maintain back-up and recovery system

        -Track and resolve intermittent problems

        -Repair system/PC problems

    4. Emergency service at reduced rates (above allotted hours)

    5. Projects at reduced rates (extended time for upgrades, etc.)


What does Managed service mean:


    -24/7 support.

    -You don't have to manage people – we do that.

    -When there's a problem - just call us.

    -Mostly, you will not even have to make the call, we're already monitoring your network.

    -The loaded cost of even one staff person is very expensive. With IP Solutions you get a whole tech department for a reasonable fee

        which cuts costs and helps with budgeting.


Cost of doing it yourself:


    -Staff time needed to manage increasingly complex IT function takes away from your core business activities. That's where we

        come in.

    -The hidden cost of managing your own IT is not having adequate staff and dropping the ball occasionally. When it comes to security,

        a small oversight can have a huge cost.


Scope of managed IT


    -Working with Microsoft and Linux platforms. Active directories.  All your exchange server related issues.

    -We work with a myriad of vertical markets and have seen proprietary software for a range of industries.

    -The level of on-going service we will provide is up to you.  We are flexible and will accommodate your operational and

        budgetary needs.


No one knows everything out there. Sure, we'll get to know your specific software real fast, but for IP Solutions, what matters most is that we'll get to know you and your business. As your IT department, we have a stake in your success. That's how you can be confident that we will get the job done.




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