About VoIP


One of the many things that voice over brings to the table is the wan or 'hub and spoke' SIP setup where you have a 'mother ship' and 3 or 4 satellite offices. In such a scenario the satellites can be connected to the mother ship which acts as a central call station pathway to communications. This works for data as well as voice.


Some of the benefits your business may enjoy by utilizing a VoIP solution include:


    integration of your back end apps.

    availability of additional features that may come standard with a VoIP system.

    the ability to move the extensions around within a facility.

    cost savings through SIP trunking.


IP solutions will make sure you have adequate bandwidth to accommodate a VoIP system. We are not just provisioning a bunch of IT clients with phones. We are going to work with you to make sure you have adequate bandwidth for the quality of service you need.



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